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Is advertising via Facebook as effective as Google Adwords?

by adam on January 31, 2011

In my experience the problem with the facebook advertising platform is that it doesn’t effectively allow for different types of advertisers to compete on an even playing field. You could make the argument that since they allow for all different (…)

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How to Remove the Facebook Likebox Border

by adam on June 30, 2010

Facebook provides a nifty little likebox widget that can be customized to display your facebook pages current fans (or likers), but the widget comes with an ugly blue border that cannot be overridden with css because it is in a (…)

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Testing Market Demand With Facebook Ads

by adam on March 5, 2009

Facebook ads can be used to gather some pretty useful data for measuring demand for a new product or service. You can target users by using all kinds of demographic and psychographic filters. For instance: you can target only female users who are between the ages of 22 to 25, are single, live in San Francisco are attending UCSF and listen to Jack Johnson (no, i’m not advertising for a date). That’s some pretty powerful control.

Setting Up Facebook Connect for WordPress

by adam on February 23, 2009

These steps are needed to prepare your wordpress blog for facebook connect integration using the WP-FBConnect Plugin. The plugin is documented here and you can download it here. The implementation is pretty simple, but there are some caveats as follows. (…)

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