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Impact of New Technology

by adam on August 9, 2011

People seem to routinely overestimate the impact of new technologies in the short-run and under estimate the long-run impact. As a rule of thumb, a new technologies impact will be overestimated for 3-7 years looking forward, and underestimated 7-10 years (…)

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100 Years of Moore’s Law

by adam on January 26, 2010

Via: Paul Kedrosky Via Steve Jurvetson Via Ray Kurzweil

Is Google re-inventing the model of the Corporation?

by adam on January 5, 2010

The Old Paradigm: Rely on quasi-monopoly and second-rate legacy products to squeeze users starved of choice for every last penny (*cough* Microsoft, *cough* *cough*). The New Paradigm: Put end-users first and profits will follow. (Google). Much can be said about (…)

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Technology Consumption (Scale > Price)

by adam on September 10, 2009

I’ve been wondering for awhile, how come in the face of deflationary pressures (decrease in price/performance ratio), the amount of overall $ consumed of technology continues to rise. As it turns out the answer is actually quite obvious, or so (…)

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