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Startup Quote: Vinod Khosla

by adam on May 30, 2013


4 Ways Instagram Hacked Early Growth

by adam on December 28, 2012

As an early user of instagram back in October of 2010, I have gotten to witness the fast rise of instagram from a nascent network of technology savvy photographers to a mass-consumer global phenomenon. What follows is my own personal (…)

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Perception vs Reality: How these 5 Startups are really growing

by adam on October 21, 2012

In many tech startups there often exist two different stories for how a company has gained it’s hard fought success. There is the story that gets told in the news media and distributed on sites like hackernews and techmeme, and (…)

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5 Great Startups that Hacked Early Growth

by adam on August 5, 2012

1. Facebook a fundamental understanding of your product – and specifically what the key reasons people use it are. its amazing to me how confused many people are about this and unable to really discern motivations and root causes from (…)

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