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by adam on July 18, 2013

I was recently invited to give an interview on GrowthHacker.TV, which has some great interviews of Growth Hackers sharing tips & tricks of the trade. You can view the full interview on their site through this link. Thanks to (…)

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5 Great Startups that Hacked Early Growth

by adam on August 5, 2012

1. Facebook a fundamental understanding of your product – and specifically what the key reasons people use it are. its amazing to me how confused many people are about this and unable to really discern motivations and root causes from (…)

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Pinterest Growth Hacks: How did it grow so fast?

by adam on June 2, 2012

Growth Hack #1: Insta-follow Upon signing up for Pinterest you are automatically following a select group of high quality users. This in turn helps alleviate the cold-start problem, where I have to go looking around the site to find boards (…)

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War & Peace

by adam on August 18, 2011

War and Peace term usage in historical texts visualized using Google’s NGram Viewer