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Bitcoin Explained

by adam on April 10, 2013

Bitcoin Explained infographic

Impact of New Technology

by adam on August 9, 2011

People seem to routinely overestimate the impact of new technologies in the short-run and under estimate the long-run impact. As a rule of thumb, a new technologies impact will be overestimated for 3-7 years looking forward, and underestimated 7-10 years (…)

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Fooled by Randomness

by adam on October 8, 2010

THE BLOOMBERG EXPLANATIONS As I am writing these lines I see the following headlines on my Bloomberg: —-+ Dow is up 1.03 on lower interest rates. —-+ Dollar down 0.12 yen on higher Japanese surplus and so on for an (…)

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Symmetric versus asymmetic business models

by adam on August 21, 2010

Munjal Shah on Revenue – The Founder Institute View more presentations from AdeoRessi.