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Why developers should learn how to sell

by adam on June 12, 2012

Much has been written about Why marketing and bd professionals should learn to code. As everyone knows by now, Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing. If you aren’t learning to code, you are going to get left behind. Not (…)

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Software Estimations

by adam on January 31, 2012

Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2-3?Edit

How to Remove the Facebook Likebox Border

by adam on June 30, 2010

Facebook provides a nifty little likebox widget that can be customized to display your facebook pages current fans (or likers), but the widget comes with an ugly blue border that cannot be overridden with css because it is in a (…)

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How to camouflage wordpress

by adam on June 22, 2010

Sometimes you don’t want to broadcast to the world that your site is running on wordpress. Here are some steps to take to remove some of the “traces” of wordpress in your code. Step 1: Update .htaccess To mask the (…)

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