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Is advertising via Facebook as effective as Google Adwords?

by adam on January 31, 2011

In my experience the problem with the facebook advertising platform is that it doesn’t effectively allow for different types of advertisers to compete on an even playing field. You could make the argument that since they allow for all different (…)

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Why can’t I re-target competitors visitors?

by adam on May 6, 2010

With the recent announcement from google about opening up re-targeting through adwords and plenty of venture money flowing into re-targeting companies, there is little doubt that ad re-targeting works. “The conversion rate is similar to paid search,” he says of (…)

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Proof that is spam

by adam on February 24, 2010

“In-stream” advertising startup,, as viewed by AdBlock Plus.

Behavioral Modification: The Fun Theory, Volkswagen Ad Campaign

by adam on October 12, 2009